Day 10: Wrapping up Work in the Archive, and Visiting the Dundee Glasite Church Building

IMG_7549Hello all:

This is my last day in the archive.  I photographed over 700 documents today alone.  It was a busy and interesting day.

Right after I started working this morning, I heard someone ask for me by name.  Carol Kinghorn, who had commented on my itinerary, saw my posts that I was in Dundee and came down to the University to meet me, and also to do some of her own genealogical research on her Father’s side of the family, the Sandemans.  She showed me her family tree, with the connection to Robert Sandeman and John Glas, and we had a lovely conversation about the impact and legacy of the Glasites on Protestantism.  While I was talking to Carol, she asked me if I had been to the former Glasite Church in Dundee.  I had not know that it existed!  I had done some research to see if I could find other old Glasite buildings in existence besides the Glasite Hall in Edinburgh, but had had no luck.  Carol gave me directions to it, and I walked down to it over my lunch break.

The Former Glasite Builidng here in Dundee,  is now, ironically, owned by the Church of Scotland.  The building itself was built right next door to a Church of Scotland perish, and I must wonder if the Glasites didn’t have a sense of humor in selecting the site for their building. I was able to go inside and look around a little bit.  It is a two story structure, somewhat round.  A staff member of the church guided me upstairs to see the actual church meeting room, but when we arrived we found a meeting in progress so we weren’t able to go in.  I took a few photos of the outside however, and was happy to be able to see this historic building at all

This evening I take the train to Edinburgh, where I will locate the grave of James Haldane, and visit the Glasite Meeting Hall.


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