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My Itinerary for my research trip to Ireland and the United Kingdom:

May 7  W        Flight from BNA to Dublin, Ireland

May 8  Th       Visit to Glasite and Stone-Campbell Movement sites in the Dublin Area.

May 9  F          Archival work in Dublin.

May 10 Sat    Travel to Belfast, Northern Ireland, via train.  Visit Glasite and Stone-Campbell Movement sites in Belfast area.

May 11 Sun   Travel to Glasgow, Scotland via Ferry. Visit significant sites in Stone-Campbell Movement History in Glasgow, including Alexander Campbell’s home, the University of Glasgow, and Haldanite and Glasite Church sites.

May 12 M       Continue to tour Glasite and Stone-Campbell locations.

May 13 T        Travel to Dundee, Scotland, via train (1h30m).  Archival Research at University of Dundee.

May 14 W       Archival Research at University of Dundee.

May 15 Th      Visit Glasite sites in Dundee.

May 16 F        Archival Research at U of D.  Travel to Edinburgh, Scotland via train.

May 17 Sat    Visit Glasite and Haldanite sites in Edinburgh.

May 18 Sun   Travel to Cardiff, Wales via train.  Visit Sandemanian locations.

May 19 M       Visit Sandemanian locations.  Travel to London, England via train.

May 20 T        Visit Stone-Campbell and Sandemanian locations in the London Area.

May 21 W       Visit Stone-Campbell and Sandemanian locations in the London Area.

May 22 TH     Conduct Archival Research in London.

May 23           London

May 24 Sat    Fly to BNA from London, England.

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Hi Josh
I have recently been researching my family tree – my maiden name is Sandeman and have discovered the Glasite connection. i also noticed that you are due to visit Dundee on the 13th, 14th 15th of May this year which is only 20 miles from my home town. Although I am not too familiar with the Glasite movement I would be happy to pass on any family history to you which may be helpful and perhaps gain a little more insight into the project. I have been trying to construct a genealogical record of the family and now have a good trace going back to the first known mention of John Sandeman in this area around 1628. (Before that there is an indication of Scandinavian origin – from a group known as ‘truthtellers’ but this I have not investigated apart from a possible association with the name ‘Swendeman’.) However I would certainly be pleased to be of any assistance to you whilst you are here as I am familiar with Dundee, the University and surrounding area. Please do not hesitate to contact me on my email address.

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