Day 11: Visiting the Glasite Meeting House and the grave of James Alexander Haldane

Hello all:

After getting up and changing accommodations (I had the very unfortunate luck of staying somewhere that was hosting multiple bachelor parties and hardly slept) , I set off in search of the old Glasite Meeting House of Barony Street in Edinburgh.  Once I arrived, I found it locked up.  I called the number to the property manager and got no answer, so I was unfortunately not able to go inside and take a look, which was a major disappointment.

Photos of the Glasite Meeting House

IMG_7804 IMG_7805 IMG_7807 IMG_7809 IMG_7811 IMG_7812 IMG_7813 IMG_7814 IMG_7816


















I then set off to locate the graves of James Alexander Haldane and Archibald McLean.  While James Haldane needs no introduction on this blog, Archibald McLean might.  He is not the same Archibald McLean that was a leader of the Stone-Campbell Movement in Upper Canada, President of Bethany College and the chief executive of the Ameican Christian Missionary Society.  The Scottish Archibald McLean was a Sandemanian.  However, McLean left the Sandemanians after a while after becoming convinced that believer’s baptis by immersion for the remission of sins was the intent of the New Testament.  McLean started a new sect, very similar to the Sandemanians, called the Scotch Baptists.  The Scotch Baptists practiced adult immersion, celebrated the ord’s Supper weekly, and generally closely resembled modern day Stone-Campbell Churches.  That said, I was unable to find McLean’s grave.  He is buried in the same cemetery as James Haldane, but after over an hour of looking, I was unable to locate his grave.

James Haldane’s grave, however, I was able to find with the help of Scott Harp’s website.  James is buried in a family plot with multiple family members.  His own grave itself was unmarked, but the entire family pot was marked as “the burying ground of James Alex. Haldane”.


Photos of the gravesite of James Haldane:

IMG_7824 IMG_7826 IMG_7829 IMG_7831 IMG_7834 IMG_7836 IMG_7837 IMG_7838 IMG_7839 IMG_7840 IMG_7842