The Glasite Digital Archive

ArchiveGreetings Everyone:

Part of this project website is the creation of the Glasite Digital Archive.  The goal of the archive is to be a clearinghouse of primary source materials on the Glasite/Sandemanian Movement and closely related independency movements in the United Kingdom and Ireland. This will do three things: it will allow me to have immediate access to important documents before, during, and after my research trip to Europe this summer, and it will provide me with a  place to house new materials that I obtain during that trip, and it will allow other scholars and those interested in the history of the Glasites or the Stone-Campbell Movement with easy access to these documents for research purposes.

The main framework of the archive is now up and running.  55 documents have accessioned into the archive.  The vast majority of these documents are primary source materials such as essays, sermons, and letters.  A small number of secondary source documents are also in the archive, however, these are not available to the public due to copyright restrictions.  I will be communicating with a digital copyright expert in the next few weeks to explore options for hosting these documents on the site for registered users.

The collection itself is currently divided into two sections.  Section one is for Glasite/Sandemaninan documents.  The second section contains documents related to the Haldanite independency movement, which is closely related to the Glasites, and which Alexander Campbell interacted with during his year residence in Scotland.  Additional sections for related groups may be added later as I obtain documents for them, including independency groups such as the Scotch-Baptists.

It should also be noted that not all primary source documents in the archive were generated by the movements themselves.  I am including polemical documents against the groups in the archive as well as these also provide important insights into the groups that they are about from outsiders.

There are, of course, many more published documents out there waiting to be found and added to the collection.  If you have documents on the Glasites, the Haldanites, or related independency groups that you would like to share, please feel free to contact me by posting a comment, or e-mailing me at Josh [at] glasite [dot] org.

You can access the archive at the link above, or through the main website, and clicking on the graphic for the Glasite Digital Archive.